HR Consulting

Your HR initiatives and executive team are mission critical to your organization’s success. Your team should be enhancing your organization’s position in the following areas:

Talent Management
Succession Planning
Employment Branding
Strategic Planning
Talent and Leadership Development
Performance Management
Recruiting and Onboarding Strategies
Employee Relations
Culture Audit
Vendor Review and Management
Human Resource Audit

You should be able to have a description of what your organization is doing for every item listed above. If you don’t, you are like many other executives that have a good team but one that is not moving your organization forward in the areas that matter the most.

You should expect your executives and HR leadership to have the capability to build trust from the top down within your organization. You should also expect them to be the driving force behind what matters most, people!

The HR profession is very traditional and we are living in an evolving business world where change is needed. Every organization should expect more out of their executives and HR leadership. Your executive leadership needs to know what the real business challenges and opportunities are to your organization and they should be able to apply their expertise to lead, manage, and solve challenges proactively.

If you want to improve your company’s overall position with HR as a catalyst, reach out to Zelle today.