Leadership Development



This unique program is an experience that helps you, as a leader, to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots, then use that information to develop your authentic self. Authentic leaders significantly outperform average leaders and have a significantly higher degree of followership.

This program is for current managers or high potential individual performers that you envision holding a leadership role in your company.

Phase I

To be an effective leader, you
must understand yourself in
terms of strengths, weaknesses,
and blind spots. With this rich
information, you can create an
individual leadership development
plan that addresses your unique
development needs.


Increased awareness of leadership
effectiveness and potential
derailment points based on selfassessment
and multiple sources
of feedback

Gain awareness of how your
leadership brand is perceived, and
develop the capability to express
your personal leadership brand
more powerfully

Incorporate additional feedback
and areas for development into
leadership development goals
and formalize your Individual
Leadership Development Plan

Phase II

Effective leaders capitalize on the
individual strengths of their team
members and delegate in a way
that matches the talent to the task.
This talent alignment naturally
creates an engaged workforce as
team members get to do what they
do best every day.


Drive accountability and results with
clear vision, strategy, processes,
expectations, and metrics

Proactively lead change initiatives with focus on the head and heart

Incorporate the four needs of followers into your leadership actions to improve engagement and commitment

Recognize and appreciate the diversity of the talent within a team and how to use that information to build a high-performing team

Improved understanding of team dynamics and collaboration

Phase III

Phase III is all about strategy and execution.
Great leaders are purposeful in leading
themselves, their teams, and the entire
business with a long-term perspective.


Develop your strategic leadership through three critical activities

For the first time ever there are four generations working side-by-side in organizations - learn how to lead across the generational differences

Enhance your critical thinking skills by seeking root cause analysis

Conduct a talent management audit to more comprehensively understand the people-side of your business and create action items to create the culture you need for long-term success

Conduct an associate engagement survey to learn how committed your associates are to you and your organization

Synthesize leadership insights from Phases I,II and III and integrate key learning points into your Individual Development Plan

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The Zelle Difference
Leadership Development powered by Zelle uses an active learning case study model. This highly engaging model allows you to directly apply program content to relevant, personalized, workplace opportunities.

Through our content, facilitator expertise, passion, and thought leadership, our program drives value across multiple stakeholders. All program content is custom-created and based on empirically derived evidence including: executive leadership and talent management conferences, scholarly/peer-reviewed journals, best practices identified by the Center of Creative Leadership, and other relevant high-profile institutions of leadership research and practice. Our facilitators are highly credible and credentialed through academic training and practical corporate experience. Collectively, our facilitators have a combined 40 years of practical experience delivering highly effective programs.

We know that to have the greatest learning impact, an active learning model must be used, where you’ll learn as much from each other as you do the content, the facilitator’s knowledge, and program content. Thus, we do not just read to you from a script of pre-packed learning modules; instead you “work” through the material to maximize learning, retention, and longitudinal behavior improvement. Bootcamp-style leadership programs have been proven to have minimal impact on long-term behavioral leadership improvement. Yes, in the short run people can be “satisfied” with the short-term approach, but Leadership Development powered by Zelle is about transformational change, and that takes immersion and time.

Your Organization
Leadership Development is an investment that drives social and financial returns on investment. Socially, organizations that invest in developing their people create more engaged leaders who become more personally engaged themselves, which then creates engaged employees. Engaged employees are a critical success factor for the ongoing and long-term success of most organizations because they are more psychologically connected to the purpose of the business, more emotionally connected with the purpose of the business, and more likely to work hard with higher quality.

Organizations that invest in developing their people also create engaged customers who then spend more and tell others about your business, which then creates sustainable growth. Both engaged employees and customers are much less likely to leave for a competitor.

We involve sponsors throughout the program via a sponsor kickoff call and recorded webinars highlighting the in-person key learning. This allows sponsors to be aware of the key learning so that they can coach appropriately.

Your Participants
We know that everyone has talent and everyone wants to know how they add value to the organization they work for. While the intensity of these needs vary across individuals, it does exist within everyone. Organizations who help their leaders identify their talents and help build them into strengths significantly outperform organizations that do not. As a participant in our Leadership Development program, you’ll obtain great value by discovering and learning about your authentic-self and how to leverage that in a way that promotes your growth and creates a more meaningful work experience.

Jeremy Wortman

Jeremy Wortman, Ph.D.
Director of Leadership & Organizational Development

With a strong passion for the positive development of individuals and organizations, Jeremy Wortman serves as the Director of Leadership Development for Zelle. He works with clients’ executive teams to determine talent management strategies, build leadership talent, implement solutions, and coach individual leaders. Jeremy has over 12 years of experience in organization and leadership development, with most of his time at TD Ameritrade where he was the Director of Organizational Effectiveness. He has extensive knowledge of organizational psychology and has had great success in developing strategies and programs that build better individuals and organizations using a strengths-based approach. Jeremy also has a passion for behavioral ethics within corporate America. Based upon his dissertation, he developed a curriculum that inspires and even entertains business professionals to become stronger ethical decision makers. His innovative approach to this difficult topic has received outstanding reviews and solicits several speaking invitations to nationwide conferences and organizations every year. Jeremy attended the University of Nebraska where he earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and a Masters in Business Administration. His undergraduate degrees are in Economics and Human Resources. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the Academy of Management. He is also active in his local community as his the President-elect for the Young Alumni Board for the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska.

  Steph Vanous

Steph Vanous
Director of Talent Development

Steph Vanous has a passion for developing people to enhance cultural performance. As the Director of Talent Development for Zelle, she has impacted over 10,000 people through technical and soft skill training programs and has developed and maintained several training initiatives. Steph has worked in the training and development field for 10 years. During that time, she has helped companies significantly improve the quality of their organization through people. She has helped companies implement new human resource processes to improve innovation, engagement, profit and loss, and process improvement. Steph spends the majority of her time working with performance management, talent management, and delivering team-building solutions. Steph also leads efforts to help identify ways to create a better workforce within human resource teams. This approach leads human resource teams to position themselves as a vital part of an organization versus a necessity. A graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University, Steph earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She is a member of the Association for Talent Development.