Talent Development

What are you doing right now to help develop your employees? Talent development is essential to every organization. Here’s why:

Your employees will be better at what they do.

Ongoing development helps establish a consistent culture.

Studies show that companies that invest in their people are more successful
at attracting and retaining talented employees.

Our team will create development programs specific to your company and employees’ needs. Zelle specializes in sessions focused on employee growth, training, career development, career management, organizational development, customer service, sales and team building. We deviate from the traditional lecture-style format and your employees will walk away feeling engaged, empowered and prepared to take action.

To learn more about these opportunities, reach out to Zelle today.

Management Bootcamp

Emotional Intelligence

4x2 Performance Management

Interviewing & Hiring For Managers

Bridging Generation Gaps

Social Styles®

Customer Service

Succession Planning

Time Management

Self Branding & Etiquette


New Employee Orientation