Comprehensive Wellness

What can Zelle do for you?
What are you doing to engage your employees in wellness? Are you looking to increase your culture, employee engagement and morale? Successful workplace wellness programs are those programs that use a workplace operating plan—aligning the company’s mission, values, culture and budget.

Many companies jump into wellness without a strategically crafted plan. Zelle HR Solutions takes a customizable approach to provide you with a comprehensive wellness program for your employees with knowledge, experience and guidance to help them reach their wellness potential. We customize our solutions to fit your company’s culture and needs for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to do it yourself. 

Companies that we partner with have one or more of the following traits:
Want to see metric-driven results
Want to invest in their people and provide a healthy environment
Want to have a happier and healthier workforce
Want to hire a Wellness Director but don’t have the necessary resources to do so
Employ up to 400 people

By taking an individualized approach in our planning, we are able to target your specific culture to achieve metric-driven results. Employee participation rates exceed 70% in our partner companies, and we have testimonials from individual employees noting their success. Our monthly challenges also facilitate success; during a Biggest Loser Challenge, 45 employees lost a combined 59 pounds, and 4 lost a combined 59 pounds! We also conduct biannual wellness checkpoints to assess individualized and company success.

Why is workplace wellness important?

Corporate wellness programs have many benefits:
Healthier workforce and improved disease management and prevention
Competitive advantage for current and prospective talent
Reduced absenteeism and turnover
Improved decision-making, productivity, and morale

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:
59% of employees do not get adequate exercise
50% or more have high cholesterol
27% have cardiovascular disease
26% are overweight by 20% or more
24% have high blood pressure

What employees value in a wellness program:
Seasonal Challenges
Take health to the next level with a seasonal wellness challenge. These fun 4-8 week
interactive programs are intended to motivate and keep everyone on track.

Educational Seminars
Enjoy informative presentations by experts on a variety of topics such as healthy eating,
stress management, fitness, ergonomics and stretching, financial wellness, and more.

Wellness Resource Library
Expand knowledge and resources through a collection of books, brochures, DVDs and
more. A wide variety of current health and wellness topics are available.

Cooking Classes
Learn some new tips and tricks for making entrées, side dishes, and desserts that are
healthy and delicious.

Fitness Classes
Experience all of the benefits of exercise by attending a fitness class with a certified
personal trainer. Anyone can get a great workout no matter what their fitness level is.

Wellness Checkpoints
Check weight, BMI, blood pressure, and body fat twice a year to help keep on track and
held accountable.

Personal Consultations
Gain support, motivation, and advice through one-on-one consultations with Zelle’s
wellness team to help meet any wellness goals—big or small!

Incentives for Participating
Earn gift cards, cash, t-shirts, water bottles, and more for participating.

Corporate Fitness Center Discounts
Participants can take advantage of corporate discounts at many local fitness centers

For more information or to get started, please contact Zelle at or 402.323.1867. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you for your wellness needs. When you work with Zelle, you can expect the best.