4x2 Conversations

Performance Management

An effective performance review process can single-handily be one of the best ways to boost positive manager-employee relationships and support a healthy workplace culture. The right review is simple and efficient and creates open communication and accountability for everyone.

The 4x2 Conversations Performance Review by Zelle is just that. It’s four questions, two times a year. The best part? 4x2 is powered through ReviewCloud, an easy-to-use performance review software, that digitally documents and tracks the entire review process so there’s no messy paperwork, tiring email strings, or unnecessary time commitment. The questions are thoroughly researched by Zelle and proven to encourage meaningful conversations that support the managers and employees – that means no awkward ratings or employee rankings.

Here’s what our clients say about 4x2:

  • 100% participation

  • Increase in employee/manager communication

  • Increase in employee engagement in the workplace

  • Employees reported they enjoyed the conversations and feedback from their managers

  • Managers stated they look forward to having the conversations and employees look forward to completing the questions

In addition, our team provides on-site training to ensure your organization has a seamless transition.

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