Success Through People and Process

Zelle HR Solutions is inviting you to join an important conversation. The topic is: how do we maximize our business success through great people and supporting HR process? The “personnel” aspects of the process remains an important focus at Zelle HR. The “human resource” component of talent maximization is an accelerator. Workforce strategy and planning are a map. Leadership is the compass pointing and moving you to success. 

Zelle HR Solutions strives to be different in today’s world of people and performance. First, we want to be understandably simplistic. Social media, marketing, thought leadership, and other online presences offer many preferences for what will make your business successful. These are flawed solutions if they do not account for your unique business realities. Beware any single product which is presented as the answer to your business needs. 

Secondly, we understand that businesses have a life cycle. Individual proprietors, partners, start ups and established organizations have vastly different HR needs. Seeking first to understand, Zelle HR does not strive to sell you a single product. That is because we expect to assist you now and ongoing as your business evolves. We intend to be your long-term partner.

Third, we love all businesses large and small. We know the stories of great businesses incubating and growing out of garages. That reality is even more possible in today’s word with today’s technology. Size of the business is not the differentiator of importance or potential. Our Consulting is not built around a framework of financial sustainability or scale. We will make money together no matter the size of the enterprise. Our goal is to become your business partner, not just a consultant.    

Finally, as a partner we want to assist you, to be the catalyst which helps you and your business be wildly successful. Zelle’s vision is not based on a need to be recognized as the thought leader in any one area. Our role is to make businesses successful. The formula is simple. Listen, Clarify, Consult and Coach. We will learn what you want to accomplish. We will clarify opportunity and barriers you may not be able to see. We will provide synergistic people and process solutions. We will adjust the approach proactively to meet the emerging business case. 

Through this blog we hope to create a network of businesses pursing people and process perfection.  We hope the conversation brings like minded people together to share trials and tribulations, and to offer insight into best practice successes.

Want to participate? Pick up the phone and call us just to chat about an idea, or to ask a question. Set up a time to have us come listen and learn about your business. We will post new content monthly and always respond within the day to your observations and questions. 

Courtney Brockman