The People Part of the Puzzle

Zelle understands employees are the key differentiator in building a successful business. We know business technologies and processes are only as effective as the people who bring them to life. Leaders and managers understand the value of employees, yet sometimes lack clarity on how to maximize individual contributions.   

Businesses naturally focus on achieving a high level of organizational performance. They want to hire the right people to support their vision and organizational goals. Diligent efforts are made to find good employees. Ongoing programs are made available to provide employee support. These are all very important facets of organizational development.

What is often left out is a focus on the employee as an individual. Employee development recognizes, builds and rewards individual potential. Then, employees no longer simply support the organization; they begin to make unique contributions. Their value far exceeds their cost. They become essential assets.   

Organizations thrive when they move past a focus on “our people” and add a focus on individuals. Most leaders tacitly agree this is a good idea. But it can be hard work, and it is easy to fall back on broader strategies. Consider the following examples and reasons.

  • Organizations are complex. Individuals are complex. Business demands are real. When push comes to shove, limited energy will be focused on individual priorities. Perspective can shift to “people just need to do their job”.

  • Organizational wide programs are simpler to implement than individualized management approaches. Programs have a tangible start and finish. Program effectiveness can be documented. Everyone feels successful.

  • Leaders often are consumed by their own responsibilities. They fail to realize that high performance individuals will make their job more manageable.

Zelle has helped many organizations thrive through maximizing individual potential. The benefits far outweigh the efforts. In fact, the most expensive required resource is already paid for.  Leaders and managers are that resource. 

The approach is straight forward. Every employee has a manager. Every manager should make each individual’s development and success their top priority. Following are key components managers can focus on.

  • A new and deeper understanding of what each job really requires

  • Finding people with the natural talents, abilities, and personality you need

  • Clearly defining success behaviors and expectations

  • Building essential skills and knowledge

  • Continually rewarding talent-based successes, and providing necessary course corrections and development

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Courtney Brockman