HR Consulting

When it’s time to make important organizational decisions, it’s wise to involve the experts. At Zelle, we creatively engage with your leadership team on a variety of organizational areas that align with your business objectives. We learn what keeps your leader’s up at night and tackle them directly. Does your performance review process face certain challenges? Have you established a successful succession planning process? We also coach your executive team and facilitate one-on-one employee conversations to ensure your organizational plan is thoroughly implemented. And regardless of size, Zelle designs a plan that suits your organization.

Whether you need to improve communication styles within your culture or implement a long-term strategic plan, Zelle has you covered. Areas we specialize in include:

  • Talent management

  • Succession planning

  • Employee branding

  • Strategic planning

  • Talent and leadership development

  • Performance management: 4x2 Conversations 

  • Recruiting and onboarding strategies

  • Employee relations

  • Employee investigations

  • Culture assessment

  • Vendor review and management

  • Human resources process and review

Let Zelle position your organization for optimal success.