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We are a Human Resources services provider, and we're ready to help you take your business to the next level. Onward. Upward.

Our team is comprised of experts in all areas of Human Resources. A dynamic team that focuses on your challenges of today while keeping an eye on the ever-changing demands of tomorrow. With HR solutions that fit, your organization will be more efficient, effective, and ultimately, employ happier people.

About Zelle

Human Resource Solutions

As your comprehensive HR consultant, we will work with you to create strategic solutions that align with your company’s mission, values, culture, and budget. We’re energized by the opportunity to help your business grow, maximize efficiencies, and solve problems before they ever surface.


Our seamless and efficient process offers you a single point of contact, backed by a team of recruiters, who are each dedicated to your search. Our team has over 30 years of combined recruitment experience and we excel in connecting top companies with top talent. We know the industry and have the experience and successes to prove it.

We're about quality, not quantity. Your satisfaction is our main priority and we understand what it takes to deliver results that will exceed your expectations. LEARN MORE...

HR Consulting

The HR profession is very traditional and we are living in an evolving business world where change is needed. Every organization should expect more out of their executives and HR leadership. Your executive leadership needs to know what the real business challenges and opportunities are to your organization and they should be able to apply their expertise to lead, manage, and solve challenges proactively.

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Talent Development

Zelle is available to come onsite and hold private development sessions for a team of your employees or managers. Our professional programs in the areas of employee development, leadership, customer service, performance management, and team building are all customized to meet your company's culture and organizational structure. We deviate from the traditional lecture-style format and your employees will walk away feeling engaged, empowered and prepared to take action.

Management Bootcamp

4x4 Performance Management

Interviewing & Hiring For Managers

Bridging Generation Gaps

Social Styles®

Customer Service

Succession Planning

Time Management

Dining Etiquette

Self Branding


New Employee Orientation

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Zelle Leadership Development Program

Zelle LDP


Through our content, facilitator expertise, passion, and thought leadership, our Leadership Development program drives value across multiple stakeholders within an organization. We know that everyone has talent and everyone wants to know how they add value to the organization they work for. While the intensity of these needs vary across individuals, it does exist within everyone. Organizations who help their leaders identify their talent and help build them into strengths, significantly outperform organizations that do not. LEARN MORE...

Be Found

Zelle recruits for the top companies in Lincoln, Omaha and across the nation. Whether you're actively looking for your next opportunity or passively exploring if the grass may be greener on the other side, we may just have your ideal opportunity or next big move. The companies we work with take pride in their awesome culture, work-life balance, employee development, competitive pay and benefits. If you know of someone who may be a fit, contact Zelle today and there may be a referral bonus in it for you!

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Chad Thies Britta Muhleisen Danny Benge Stephanie Vanous Stephanie Vanous Stephanie Vanous

Chad Thies

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Britta Muhleisen
Director of Sales & Marketing
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Danny Benge
Director of Recruiting

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Stephanie Vanous
Director of Talent Development
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Jeremy Wortman, Ph.D.
Director of Leadership & Organizational Development
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Sarah Kaldahl
Director of Wellness

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